General Outdoor Furniture

Our furniture has been tested for thousands of hours of UV resistance without structural issues, fading or discoloration. **Note, this is different for the finish on wood furniture. Wood furniture should be sealed/ maintained yearly to prevent sun discoloration***

Yes! All of our materials are weather-resistant, however we do recommend covers to protect the longevity of your furniture.

The best furniture for the beach should be non-rusting, UV resistant, low maintenance and heavy. Some of the best materials are recycled wood, teak or ipe wood, and aluminum.

No! You should never power wash your furniture. The high pressure from the power washer could irreparably damage your furniture.

While the name Viridien is only 2 years old, we have been in business for over 42 years.

At this time, we do not take away old furniture.

Warranties vary between manufacturers. Most of our collections range from 5 - 15 year warranties.

The best umbrella frame for a pool would be aluminum or fiberglass. You should not use a steel or wood umbrella poles in the pool.

Yes, we sell a variety of accessories to both decorate and protect your investment.

We want you to enjoy your furniture as soon as your patio is ready! However, we understand that things happen. We will do our best to accommodate our client's needs on an individual basis.

Some finishes that are more difficult to work with or require more materials to create it, can be more expensive than others.

Depending on the manufacturer and time of season, lead times can vary. Usually in the off-season, you will see lead times from 4-6 weeks. In peak season, you have lead times in upwards of 12-16 weeks.

Yes! We not only sell the brand Polywood but also numerous other companies that have a wide selection of poly products, such as Bennet Jones.

We have a wide variety of sizes, styles and price ranges, both in stock and available for custom order!

In many collections, we offer multiple options for finishes; however, it is not possible to stock it all. Most of our collections can be custom ordered in different finishes and fabrics.

The majority of products we carry are made here in the USA; however, since we specialize in a variety of different products, some of our products come from all over the world!

Service Furniture

Give us a call! This could be a spring plate issue. Our technicians can diagnose if a new part is needed for your chair.

Send us a picture. We will have our technicians review and determine if we can repair your wicker weave.

Yes! We can order additional glides for all of the brands of furniture we carry.

Mold is not covered under warranty because mold is preventable! Mold can be prevented with regular cleaning/ maintenance of your furniture. This is one of the reasons we created our CPR (Clean, Protect, Revive) service, so you can get ahead of any mold.

Yes, furniture can be repainted. But, painting and powdercoating are 2 different process. If you paint your furniture, there is a high probability you will have to continually paint it year over year to avoid the paint from flaking. Powdercoating is a heat temperature process that adheres the paint to the furniture, making it will be more durable and long-lasting.

While we do not staff service technicians, we do have a list of recommended installers that can assist you in servicing your firepit.

At this time, we do not offer repair.


We offer re-slinging for qualified furniture through our CPR (Clean, Protect and Revive) service. One of our technicians will asses and measure your chairs/chaises to ensure the integrity of the furniture and accuracy when ordering. Once your fabric arrives, we will pick your furniture up, bring back to our shop, re-sling and then return to you.

Our technicians are trained to repair the umbrella brands that we carry. There are some issues, such as the internal cord snapping, that cannot be repaired.

We offer cushion cleaning through our CPR service (Clean, Protect and Revive). Our manufacturer trained technicians will come to your home, professionally clean your cushions and leave your furniture looking almost as good as the day you bought it!


Regular maintenance will increase the longevity of your wood furniture. You should dust or brush off any dirt or debris from the furniture. Mild soap and water can be used to clean the wood as well. Sealing the wood will help protect the finish from moisture and UV rays. We also suggest using a cover in harsh weather.

While you cannot prevent wood from changing color outside, you can delay the process by applying a sealant to the wood yearly. Covering the wood from the sun will also help slow down the color changing process.


Sunbrella is the most common brand name of solution dyed acrylic fabrics that are both breathable and bleach-cleanable. There are numerous name brands in the outdoor industry that offer the same type of solution dyed acrylic fabrics. All of our cushions, whether they carry the Sunbrella name or not, are all solution-dyed acrylic fabrics!

We do not recommend putting your cushions in the washing machine. The cushions we carry are easy to take care of, and can be spot cleaned while sitting directly on the furniture.

Most synthetic fabrics such as polyester and acrylic are resistant to mold and mildew. However, mold and mildew is a fact of life and can still grow on your cushions. If you have a solution dyed acrylic fabric, you can easily clean mold and mildew with a solution mixture of water, bleach and dishwashing liquid. Heavy set stains? We offer a CPR (Clean, Protect and Revive) service to get those cushions clean!

We don't not offer this service currently.

Yes! Our cushions are meant to stay outside in all weather conditions.

While it is not necessary to clean your cushions, it is recommended. Keeping your cushions clean will increase the cushions longevity.

We do not recommend taking the casing off of the cushion to wash it (it is almost impossible to put it back on, especially the bottom!). However, if you decide to take these casings off to wash them, do NOT dry them in a dryer. Dry naturally only.

The easiest answer to clean your cushions is soap and water. However, there are some stains that require a deeper clean. Before you use an abrasive cleaner like bleach, you must know what type of material your fabric made of. Some fabrics, like polyester, cannot be cleaned with bleach because the fabric will get stained. Acrylic fabric, however, can be cleaned with a mixture of a gallon of water, 1/4 cup of bleach and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

The fabrics we use are all UV resistant, breathable, water-resistant fabrics. These types of fabrics are perfect for outdoor use since they resist mold, mildew, and stains. In a light rain, water will pill on top of the cushion and can be brushed off. In a heavier rain, water may penetrate the fabric. but the cushion will dry quickly.


Great question. Here is a quick 101 tutorial on these three options: Vented Gas Logs are the most realistic option for your fireplace. They are considered vented because you must have a functioning chimney and you must keep the damper open while they are on. This allows any unburnt gases and byproducts to be removed from the home via the chimney. This is the same as with a wood burning fireplace. The advantages of vented gas log sets are more flame, yellower flame, more glowing embers and the logs can be moved around for the perfect look inside your fireplace. This all translates to a more realistic look. Vent-free Gas Logs offer much more heat into your home. You do not require a chimney for ventilation. This forces the heat from the fire into your home. In order to prevent byproducts from combustion, vent free gas logs use less gas and have less flame. The flame can often be more blue than yellow (but don't worry, we have the best looking vent free gas logs available). You can only use a limited amount of embers and the logs are to be set up in a specific position. They cannot be moved. Lastly, while vent free logs put out a lot of heat, it is intended to be supplemental or emergency heat. They are not intended to be a primary heat source for your home. Direct Vent Fireplaces or Inserts are a great option to add value to your home. These units are sealed with a glass front, which promotes efficiency. They are often considered to be the best of both worlds, offering the look of a vented gas log and the heat of a vent free gas log. Direct vent fireplaces can be a primary source of heat for your home, adding quite a bit of value to your home's worth. They cost more than the other two options, but is a great investment for your home. Here at Viridien, we have burning displays of all three options and can help you select the right fit for your needs.

The answer to this question depends on what type of gas unit you have. Vented gas logs - you can add as many embers as you like. Since the unit is vented, any combustion byproducts will vent up your chimney. Vent free gas logs - the manufacturer determines how many embers you can have, if any at all. You cannot add more as it will cause unsafe byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, that will enter your home.

If you have vented gas logs, you will often experience soot build up on your logs. This is normal. The best way to remove the build up is to use a paint brush. Simply brush off the soot while the logs are cool. Don't do this if the logs are hot.

We use vetted third party installers. Most of our installers have worked with us for decades. Over the years, we have found that the best installers will not work for another company. They prefer to work for themselves. By using third party installers, we can ensure you get the best quality installation possible.

For gas logs, we typically have these in stock. You can often get the product the same day. Otherwise, we will have any stocked sets to you within a week. Fireplaces can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks on average. Since we work with 3rd party vendors, it is best to contact them for scheduling. Typically, they are 1-3 weeks out.

For gas logs, there is no need for an on- site visit. All we need are your fireplace dimensions! We need the front opening width, back wall width, depth and height of your fireplace. Click here to upload our Gas Log Measuring Sheet. Also, bring us a picture of your fireplace. This will help us find the perfect fit for your fireplace. However, if you are remodeling or under new construction, we will have one of our preferred installers visit your home for a consultation and to give you a price quote, prior to ordering from us. We want to make sure you get the right fireplace for you home.

Any fireplace or gas log set we sell can be repaired. We only carry products from reputable manufacturers, most of which are made in the USA. This means we can get you parts if needed. If you purchased a product from a big box store, parts are not typically available. Lastly, if your set is over 20 years old, it is best to replace the unit to avoid reoccurring costly repairs.

Great question! There are lot of options available to consumers. We only carry the best brands with the best warranties. We have over 40 years of experience and know that any gas product must be of the highest quality when it comes to your safety. You can always find a cheaper product, but in the long run that less expensive product will cost you more than buying the best product the first time. Our products are 1) Made in USA 2) Have the best warranties 3) Have replacement parts available 4) Offer the best look possible. Don't compromise when it comes to gas logs and gas fireplaces, it's just not worth it.

Viridien has been in business in North and South Carolina for over 40 years. Our sales staff have an average tenure of 10 years, so they have the experience to help you with any situation. We also have weekly training to ensure our staff knows the products inside and out. Lastly, we have the largest display of burning fireplaces in the Carolinas. Visit a store near you for a great shopping experience.

This is hard to answer since there are many different gas fireplaces on the market. If you can get us the manufacturer name and the model number, we can research if adding a remote is an option. If not, all the products we sell have remotes available.

If you have a solid sheet of glass on your fireplace, you can only remove the glass for cleaning and maintenance reasons. This fireplace is likely a direct vent fireplace. A direct vent requires a sealed glass panel on the front to ensure proper ventilation of unsafe combustion byproducts.

If you have a solid sheet of glass on your fireplace, you most likely have a direct vent fireplace. This type of fireplace is manufactured and tested as one unit. This means that by code, you cannot take off the glass and change out your burner system and logs. This could lead to overheating of the unit and a potential fire hazard for you and your family. While we cannot change out the gas logs inside of the unit, we specialize in replacing these units with the most up-to-date fireplaces available today.

This is a tricky question. If you have an existing masonry fireplace, you cannot add a blower system to it. While there are a few on the market for wood burning fireplaces, they don't offer the power to move additional heat into your home. Blowers are not recommended for gas logs in a masonry fireplace. If you have a circulating prefabricated fireplace, you can add a blower. Just provide us with the manufacturer and model number and we will help source the blower for you. Lastly, if you are purchasing a new gas fireplace, then we can absolutely get you a blower with your new unit.

Yes, we have burning displays of vented gas logs, vent free gas logs, direct vent fireplaces and inserts as well as electric fireplaces. We have it all!

We do not recommend installing your own gas log or fireplace. Manufacturers require their gas products to be installed by a professional. If you choose to self install your gas product, you will have a much higher likelihood of an issues occurring. We also want to make sure you and your family are safe. We have a list of preferred installers to ensure your product is correctly and safely installed. The quality of the installation is just as important as the quality of the product.

While you do not have to use our installers, it is highly recommended. We do not gain any monitary benefit from our customers using our installers. Using our preferred installers ensures a quality install with a much lower risk of product issues. Over our 40 years in business, we have seen some very unsafe installs done by others. Use your own installer at your own risk.

Nobody needs a remote, but we sure do love having them! Can you imagine having to get up to change the channel on your TV? No way! Fireplace remotes do more than just turn the set on and off. We now have the technology to turn pilot lights on and off, to raise and lower the flame, to turn on blowers and accent lights. The list goes on and on. Visit Viridien to get the best gas fireplace with amazing remote features.

Hearth Service

The most common way to fix a remote is the change the batteries in the receiver box (located inside of the fireplace). Batteries should be changed once a year to keep your unit functioning properly. Refer to your installation manual to find the proper placement of the receiver box, and what batteries both the remote and receiver need.

While we do not staff service technicians, we do have a list of recommended installers that can assist you in servicing your fireplace. Please reach out to your local Viridien store to request this list.

We can order replacement parts for some units, but most parts are brand specific. Please provide us with a manufacturer model number and serial number of your unit so we can help you further. Or, if you have your owners manual, refer to the "parts" section and we can order your part by stock number.

This depends on your unit. First, locate the knob that has "On-Pilot-Off". You must turn this knob to "pilot", PUSH THE KNOB IN and HOLD IT for 30 secs. If you have a Vented gas logs: While holding the knob in, you will need to take a long match, light it and put it in the vicinity of your pilot assembly. The pilot light will light, keep that know pushed in for 15 more seconds and then slowly release it. Once the pilot stays on, you can release the knob and turn it to "ON". If you have a vent-free (and some direct vents), there will be a button you have to press (called a piezo ignition, it will usually have a red star on it). While the knob is held in, press the piezo (a loud clunking noise will occur with each press), once your pilot lights, again hold the knob for 15 more seconds and slowly release. Once the pilot light stays lit, release the knob and turn to "on". Referring to your owners manual is always the best way to ensure you are lighting your unit properly.

The most common reason you will smell your logs is if you have vent-free logs. In order to work, Vent-free units require the air inside your home. So, if you cook, clean, have animals, use air fresheners, etc, those scents and particals are automatically in the air and are pulled into the fireplace to combust. This will lead to a smell, sometimes strong. The best resolution is to open a window or get an air purifier in the room the fireplace is in to try to clean the air of the impurities. **NOTE** If you have a direct-vent fireplace and there is a terrible smell when you turn your unit on, your fireplace is most likely not cured. For direct-vent fireplaces only... open the windows in your home. Turn the fireplace on and let it burn STRAIGHT for 6-8 hours or until the smell dissapates. Do NOT stop the fireplace at any time in this 6-8 hours or you will have to start over.